Prussian SYW Curassiers

After a long wait.... the new sets for the SYW takes shape!


  1. the riders are great and I look forward to seeing rhem.om the flesh,but I think the horses are too small. I can't imagine a burly Prussian cuirassier on something that small.

  2. Die Pferde brauchen mehr Hafer.

  3. Beautiful. Look forward to seeing more SYW figures.

  4. von Winterfeldt10/06/2017

    they are really excellent, state of the art, about the horse sizes, there was a difference between the 1st Silesian and the 7YW - Frederick wasn't fond of the old fat horses at all, neither was Sydlitz.
    In case of interest see contemporary pictures by David Morrier or read Mentzel : Die Preu├čische Remontierung - Berlin 1845 available as free download.

  5. von Winterfeldt5/27/2018

    I received my casted miniatures recently - hint - put some photos up on this blog - they are marvelous - state of the art - immense effort for detail as well, they look outstanding