More pics of the painted French...

As promised I post more detailed pictures of the beautiful figures painted by Frank.

Regiment Piemont:

Regiment Poitou:

Regiment Provence:


Painted French...

Frank painted some of the first casts of the upcomming French...Great Stuff!!!

Tomorrow I will post more pictures...:)


Pics of the upcomming...

Yesterday I posted the list and today I load up some pics of the upcomming Grenadiers, F├╝siliers and...French!
I hope I will get the first ones from our caster in two weeks, so stay tuned or pre-order if you want...

Prussian Grenadiers, marching
Prussian Fusiliers, awaiting the enemy

Prussian Fusiliers, marching

Prussian Fusiliers, loading

Prussian Fusiliers, firing line

Prussian Fisilier N.C.O, standing

French Fusiliers, marching


Lots of new Prussians comming soon...and some French...:-)

Stay tuned for a batch of figures comming soon to our onlineshop.
The following figures are on the way to our caster:

- Pr. Grenadiers, marching
- Pr. Grenadiers Command, marching
- Pr. Fusiliers, all standart poses
- Pr. Fusiliers, marching
- Pr. Fusiliers Command, marching
- French Fusiliers, marching (3 diffr. Poses)

Further on the workbench:
- French Fusiliers Command, marching
- Prussian 6 and 12pdr Guns
- Prussian High Command

Best regards,