Tactica 2014

We are back form Tactica 2014 and would thank all the people visited our stand! Thanks for the conversations, hanging around and, off course, buying our miniatures!
It was a great show as ever with lots of high quality wargaming boards, painted miniatures and inspiring games to play. Unfortunately you're not able to play a lot when you are at a show as a company, but we took so much inspiring with us for our own projects and BHM, too.
Here I show you some pictures I took over the weekend.



First show 2014

I've stored the last baggage in my car... In a hour I'll pick up Florian for travelling to Hamburg.
Hope to see some of you visiting us at Tactica this year! For the rest I will some photos during the next days...:)


Researching the French (what style for SYW?)

How does a French Fusileer looks like in the SYW?  Well, that's a good question!
During our research I've contacted some Reenactment-Groups reenacting French Troops in Europe and America during this Period.

Unfortunately the researching level was not as accurate as I want it for our figures, because they are all swapping across the timelines. I can understand, that they want a good-looking uniform, but our figures will wear everything we put on them...without bleating...:)

So what about the further resarch? Osprey?...Google? 
We get help by "von Winterfeld" a guy from the community of the "Miniaturen-Online Forum".
We met every Year at the "Symposium" here in Germany. He's very knowledgeable about the SYW and we are glad that he's supporting our sculptor in creating the figures.

In the result we came to the Becker Plates of 1760... and assisted by the reglementations of the french infantry of 1755 we get an first idea of what a French soldier in the SYW looked alike.
The former sword-belt was changed into a more confortable bandolier, a cross weared belt, the skirt was alway weared with turnbacks, the cartridge-box weared lower and the tricorn changed bigger than in the 1740's...

So, the problem what we have with the Prussians, that the most plates were to late for
the SYW (mostly 1780's), for the French, the plates and pictures will show earlier soldiers of the 40's, so not really practical for the SYW.
We now going with the Becker-Plates and some eye-witness-reports during the SYW.

But what about the community? There is a special picture marked in the brains for the French Army...looking like the 40's. Is there a place for the Becker-styled-French of the SYW or  not?
I have no decicion yet, but maybe we will also make some older styled French for the guys, who
want them. What's your opinion?


A Becker-Plate: