First Green of our upcomming SYW-French

Frank send me some W.I.P.-pics of the first french marching fusileer.
I think he made another msterpiece and he's looking really French for me!
For all specialistst for the French Army of 1756, please tell me if you see
any unclear or special you want to see icluded in this new range! Because
the French army is new for us, too and not so easy to research.

Best regards,


New Poses for the Musketeers and Grenadiers

We received two new poses for the Musketeers and Grenadeers.
There are:

PM11 - Musketeer taking 'Patron'
PM12 - Musketeer opening 'Patron'


PG11 - Grenadeer taking 'Patron'
PG12 - Grenadeer opening 'Patron'

The figures are available.