New - Prussian Flags available

After a long time without any news, We can offer you the great range of  SYW Flags in Cooperation with Flags of War. Iain is designing high quality flags fitting our range perfectly.

During this great cooperation I'm able to distributing flags from his other ranges, too.
So drop me a mail, if you want some.
For our onlineshop I will only add flag-sheets that fits our own ranges.


Upcomming French Firing Line

Another Set of figures wil be available soon...the French firing line and loading figures will expand our SYW range...

As well as two further train soldiers for the Prussians


New Civillians available now!

With some delay, the long awaited civillian-set is available in our online-shop!
You can order your set here.


New Shop online

Our new shop is online now... Have a look and send me your feedback, what to you think about it.
If you find any errors during the process, please drop me a line, so I can fix it.

The new shop-system give us more flexibility for our growing range.
Best regards,



New Onlineshop under construction

I'm working to install a new Online-Shop...please be patient and drop us a mail to contact us...


New Codes available

After a great show at Tactica 2015 we are back and added lots of new Codes to our onlineshop:

PT04  Set of 4 Train-Horses fitting the train-wagons and the limbers
PT05  Set of 2 Train-Horses fitting the train-wagons and the limbers

PT03 Haywagon with horse

PT07 - Train-Servant

PT06 - Train-Driver

PC01 Camp Spontons
PC02 - Rifle Mantles (2)
PC03 - Tent for Rank 6 File


Painted Prussian Camp...

Frank sent me some pics of the first painted tents and Rifle-Mantles... He also converted some Mantlets for his AWI Hessians (this will be not for Sale)...
They will be cast in Resin and will be available in one or two weeks...


Next Show....

...you can visit us and take a look at our range is the "Tactica" February, 21st and 22nd!


As ever we expect a magnificent show, meeting lots of friends!


Painted French (Swiss) Regiment

Our friend "von Winterfeldt" sent me some picturs of his newly painted Swiss Regiment! The guys are so well-painted, that I have to show them here!


New Shipping Rates!

We have calculated and calculated and we're shure, that this will be a good offer. Especially for our fans oversea it will be a good change...


First Greens 2015!

Frank sent me photos of the new sculpts... A great start in 2015!

Train Horses

Mounted Train-Driver


Prussian Camp