New Codes...

I've added the new French Command Figures and the first two carts to our Onlineshop...
A Haywagon is following soon. Horses, Train-crew are on the workbench... :)

FFK 01 - French Officer
FFK 02 - French Standard Bearer

FFK 03 - French N.C.O.

FFK 04 - French Tambour
FF 01 - French Fusiliers (3)

PT 01 - Prussian Water-cart
PT 02 - Prussian Bagage-wagon


Back from Crisis and Symposium.... New French Command is available!

We had two faboulus weekends! First our Premier for Crisis Show this year and after that we met friends at the Symposium 2014, were we exchange about modelling, sculpting, painting and gaming...

The next good news: We've got the first stock of the new French Command Set at Crisis, so they can be ordered officially from our Onlineshop! Pictures of them I will take and post this week...

Some impressions from Antwerp:


Takeoff for CRISIS 2014

In some hours we will pack the car full of Figures and other stuff for travelling to Antwerpen. It will be our first Crisis and I'm very exited how it will come out! Hopefully we will meet a lot of SYW-fans there...we don't want to carry the figures back home! I will post some pictures when we're back!
Come to Crisis, visit our stand for a talk!

Best regards,


Prussian watercart...

Another interesting piece of art coming soon... made by Niels at Westfalia Forge.


French Fusilier Command is ready for moulding!

I'm very exited about the new command figures for the SYW French!
Frank did a great job as ever and the will be moulded soon...
We will have a first stock of them at the Crisis at 1st November in Antwerp!
If you like to have a batch of French figures, please make a Pre-Order so we can
give our caster the right ammount and save you time to get the figures...






Crisis 2014....the Black Hussars will be there!

Meet us at the Crisis 2014 in Antwerpen!


For more Information visit the T.S.A. at:



Some Pics of Tom's workbench...

Some Pics of Tom's workbench... great stuff is comming soon!


Prussian Baggage-Wagon

Comming soon....a Prussian "Bagagewagen"
made by the very talented Niels Rullk├Âtter of Westfalia Forge.
Thinking about doing a special set of Train-Horses and Train personal for the SYW...


New codes, Prussian fusiliers, grenadeers and first French available!

I listes the new items into the Online-Shop.
They can be ordered now...Pictures for the codes will follow soon.

The new codes are:

- Prussian Fusiliers, poses according to reglement and marching(including command)
- Prussian Grenadeers, marching (including command)
- French Fusiliers, marching

Best regards,


More pics of the painted French...

As promised I post more detailed pictures of the beautiful figures painted by Frank.

Regiment Piemont:

Regiment Poitou:

Regiment Provence: