I talked to the caster today. The masters arrived safe at the workshop and he had build the masterform yesterday... :-)
So everything is going very well and nothing endanger the release in mid of september...

Our sculptor is on vacation during the next two weeks, but I have a new WIP-photo for you...
...the kneeling character (without arms and arms...;-) )




Fasten your seat belts!

We've got the photos of the next figures from our sculptor... so have a look at these beauties!!
The first wave will go out to the caster tomorrow, so we can expect shipping in the mid of September...
There will be the possibility to pre order the figures, to get the first ones surely.
Just send me a mail and I will reserve the minis for you... ;-)


Pose 2:  'Patron in Lauff ...!'


Pose 3 & 4:  'schlagt an Glied 2 & 3...!'


Pose 6:   'spannt den Hahn...!'


Pose 5:  'mit der rechten Hand ans Gewehr...!'



Great news!

Frank told me that he is going to finish the masters of the first wave for the mid of August. Without taking a break he will put his hands on the next wave, so we can
estimate new models, soon…

Yesterday I had a nice conversation with one of the best casters available, and I’m glad that he agreed to cast our range.
So we’ll be able to offer you these lovely sculpts in the best quality available.

During the next days we are planning the new poses and sitting together for the price calculation…
So…the nation is rumouring…stay tuned!