New Codes

7!!! new codes available in the webshop:

FOK-01 Prince Soubise - Französischer Marschall

FOK-02 Generalleutnant Francis de Chevert

FG-01 French Grenadiers Set1, marching 

FG-02 French Grenadiers Set2, marching

FG-03 French Grenadiers Set3, marching

 PFB-09 Prussian Field Bakery: "Master Baker and Scale"

PFB-10 Prussian Field Bakery: "Field Oven and Baker"


Upcomming French High Command

Prince Soubise - French Marshal
Francis de Chevert - French Major General
Nice...aren't they?



New Prussian High Command

The new codes forthe SYW Prussian High Command are available now! They turned out very well!


New Codes for 1866-71

New Codes for the German Wars of Unification are available now!

EKP-05 Prussian Infantry, firing

EKP-06 Prussian Infantry Command, firing

EKP-07 Prussian Observers / signaler

You will find the new sets in the Onlineshop right now...more nice Sets will follow close.


Prussian High Command

A little teaser...upcomming Prussian High Command


3 new sets for the Prussian Field Bakery

3 new sets for the Prussian Field Bakery are listed in the online shop now!



Converted and painted Black Hussar French

Have a look at the great conversions done by
http://warsofgentlemen.blogspot.de/ ...
Converted and painted Black Hussar French as Light Infantry Legion Flandern 1744.


Painted French

2 pics of our French SYW figures painted as IR114 (German) Saint-Germain. Painted and sent to me by TJ van Rompaey... Thanks a lot and keep up the great work!


First Sets for the Prussian Field Baskery

The first 5 codes for the Prussian Field-Bakery are available, too. I've just put them in the Onlineshop... They are always very good sets to display Civilian-Scenes on every Battlefield or Diorama!

French Flags arrived and listed in the Online-Shop!


New Prussian Basket-Cart (Korbwagen) for the Seven Years War

New Prussian Basket-Cart (Korbwagen) for the Seven Years War ! Available Set PT-10 in the Online-Shop including Wagon and Driver!


Prussian High Command 1864-71

The High Command for the 1864-71 Range is available now! Count Bismarck and 
General-Fieldmarshall von Moltke at the Battle of Königgrätz July, the 3rd 1866: Moltke choosing the better of two cigars. Reffering to a drawing by Carl Röchling
Figures sculpted by Andy Peters of DayDream Miniatures.


German Wars of Unification - Prussian Infantry Command

Back from the Tactica Show, where we have the Premiere of our new range, I can show you the Command-Set for the Prussian Infantry at trail...
Very soon we will have an incredible Dioramic Scene, you can use as High Command for your Prussian Army of 1864-1871.

The first two sets are available now.

You can get them here...


New Range: Wars of German Unification 1864-1871

Good News for 2016! Announced for summer last year, I can now present the first pic of the upcoming new range:

After the Command set for these guys is ready they will marching directly in the online-shop!