"Liebster Blog" - Award!!

Yessss! We've got our first Award!!! :)
Monty from "Monty's Caravan" awarded this to our Blog.
It describes that our blog is one of his favourite sites...
I feel very honoured about that and have to say:
"Thank you, thank you, thank you all...!"


Command Pre-Order

Command completed...

Especially for Heiko and all of you how can't await these pics...;-)

The command is finished now and goes out for moulding soon...
You will be able to pre-order them soon.


Kneeling Poses Arrived!

The kneeling are ready for beeing painted!
We are shipping the pre-orders now.

The command set is to 3/4 finished. I will post some
news about them soon.


News, news, news....

Good times for all who are waiting for some news...
We went to a symposium for the last weekend, where we met our
sculptor. He showed us the new greens of the upcomming command
and the artillery-crews.
A big thank to Frank Becker for taking the pics...