New stuff out of the printer and thoughts about horses

I get a parcel from the printing-service including the lafette of the upcomming 6pdr and the first howitzer. The barrel of the howitzer isn't finished yet, but It will be soon.
Next I received some test-horse-dollies from the very productive and talented guys of Westfalia.
I take some comparison shots to look at the size. I think they will match our range perfectly. I.M.O. the poses are very natural, this is a great plus. Tell me, what you think about the horses...can you imagine some BHM-Curassiers or Generals upon them? Or a full artillery train? I do!
I'm so glad, that the guys of Westfalia make them available to use in licence...


  1. Looks like some great stuff is coming along. Nice to see two highly interesting german companies working together in some kind of way.

  2. Sounds like some good ideas.
    Good Luck !

  3. I really like the idea of standing horses with riders having their swords resting on their shoulders, at the ready. They are easier to cast and paint. A line of these guys would look just awesome! Save the sword wielding riders for horses with more fluid motion. I really like these Westfalian horses anatomy! I think they fit into the range very nicely!

    Thanks for sharing!