BHM Onlineshop is online!

Now the ordering process is becomming very easy!
Our new onlineshop is here, so please register and choose our
Newsletter to get the latest informations about Black Hussar.
Please report bugs and tell me the things you want to realise
in the shop for the future...
You can go to the shop using the link in the bar above or directly
via   www.blackhussarminiatures.de

I will keep running the blog to tell you about the daily progress
of Black Hussar Miniatures!


  1. Can you tell us how much a figure weighs or tell us how many figures would equal 2kg? There are some of us in the U.S. and we want to figure out our shipping costs. It might be better if we had a large order to save on the shipping charges. :) Thank you.

    1. I could repair the onlineshop...so the "cart" in the english version is in function yet. I fixed the bug with PayPal, too.

    2. The single figure weighs 6,5g, the drummer 14g.